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Kim Costello approach to design is influenced by her french upbringing, and studies in Montreal ,Canada.

Kim believes that personal attention and building client relationships through exceptional service is as important as the innovative designs she provides. Sophisticated taste, flawless execution, and her ability to understand her client’s unique needs and desires is what sets her apart from other designers. 

Whether designing a modern, contemporary or traditional space, her philosophy remains the same: to create comfortable, livable rooms, with an understated, sophisticated edge. She can  create welcoming, harmonious, sanctuary-like homes that feel polished and refined.   “My designs are inspired by my clients, and by their individual needs and passions,” Kim says. “Rather than focusing on passing trends, I create harmonious and comfortable spaces that fit my clients’ lifestyles.” 


"When it comes to interiors, my first goal is to create a space that provokes some kind of reaction, and ultimately, is a space that my client will love. While the process from one project to the next is never exactly the same, my approach is always based on both collaboration and open dialogue. 
Simplicity, scale, and juxtaposing old & new are constant themes in what I try to achieve. I influence but don’t impose, and every now and then, I push (persuade, is more politically correct) for something that I really believe will take a space to another level of interest. I’m inspired by great ideas and love to be challenged to find new ways to solve problems. This means being resourceful when a budget may be limited." 

*I am now offering custom made design barnwood furniture . Bring your own ideas to life with your choice of color and size . Each piece are made to order . Contact me today for more information via email or call me during business hours . 


Kymberly Costello

Interior Designer/ owner
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